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10 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

The average cost of a wedding is more than $25,000. That is a huge amount to pay for a single day, and why pay so much if you can find realistic ways to lower the costs. Here are 10 money saving tips that you can use to save some money.

1. The first step is considering the guest list. Each person costs between $15 and $40+ depending on the cost of the meal. If you are renting chairs they can be between $1 and $3 dollars each. This may not sound like much, but it can add up. By cutting the guests down by 50 you can save more than $1000. Think about the long lost friends and relatives that you don't see. Thinking back to my wedding, my parents pressured me to invite relatives that I didn't know I had. We didn't invite them and we don't regret it.

2. Pick a wedding time that is not typical. Renting a reception site, chairs and everything else is going to be the most expensive on Saturday evenings. However, having a Sunday night wedding or a Friday night wedding you can get a huge discount from vendors, even as much as 50%.

3. Consider a destination wedding. A romantic destination for your wedding sounds expensive, but by reducing your guest list and shopping around, you can find a reasonable location for your wedding.

4. Use a reception site that provides chairs, tables, plates and silverware. You can save significantly over renting these from many different vendors.

5. Provide a late evening reception with desserts instead of dinner. Having champagne, coffee, tea and a selection of wonderful desserts would be great, and you can avoid the high cost of serving dinner.

6. Instead of using flowers as a centerpiece, use a small candelabra or votives.

7. Consider an outdoor reception. If the setting is right you won't need to add to the decorations, the plants, flowers and trees are plenty.

8. Look for a tuxedo rental store that offers the groom a free rental when the groomsman rent their tuxedos there.

9. Be your own DJ. Make your own CDS and play them at the wedding. This is much cheaper than hiring a DJ or band.

10. Rather than ordering the prints from the photographer, just get the photos on CD. You can print them much cheaper at a discount store and still have the high quality photography.

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Features of a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is rapidly increasing in popularity, and is now being enjoyed by a great number of couples, with one of the main reasons being the ability to combine a beautiful location and a charming marriage ceremony. However, the destination wedding also comes with its own downsides, including the related costs that come with traveling with several guests and also the difficulties that might come from attempting to arrange a wedding at a far away destination. Here are some of the main feature to come from arranging a well-planned destination wedding -
Incredible Locations - the main idea behind the destination wedding is the ability to visit a truly delightful and exotic location. Many of the popular resorts are able to provide all-inclusive packages, which can make arranging these types of events so much easier. People get married in a wide-range of beautiful destinations across the world, with beaches in Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean seen as popular choices. Destination choices might also be related to where you live, for instance, if you live in the United States, if would be a lot cheaper to travel to another state, rather than going abroad, as travel costs would be much cheaper. Besides the white sands of the beach, another favored choice is the cruise ship, which can greatly simplify things, as it wouldn't be necessary to arrange somewhere to stay or arrange meals.
Cost Effective - if a wedding is well-planned than it is often possible for it to be arranged at a cost that is less than a more traditionally arranged wedding. Potential saving which aren't such a concern on a destination wedding include the hiring of limousines, flower arrangements, and the cost of a separate honeymoon. Also, with fewer guests in attendance, this can also save on expenses.
Legal Requirements - one issue that might complicate wedding arrangements in a far away destination is the local legal issues or requirements. The legality of a marriage can vary quite significantly from one state to the next and in different countries. To ensure things are arranged correctly, it is important to research the issues to ensure a marriage is conducted correctly and is fully legal.
Simplify Planning - a great step to take to help in simplifying the whole process of arranging a wedding is to book the services of a wedding coordinator who is based in the local area and is fully aware of the local laws and requirements. A coordinator is perfect to assist with such matters as choosing a venue and ensuring the wedding is planned to fit perfectly within your budget and personal preferences.
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New Modesto Wedding Site

Central Valley Weddings is a new being built that will change everything for weddings in the Modesto area.  Vendors and brides will be brought together to help make your money go further and your day more memorable. Look for it on December 1.

How to Plan a Drop Dead Glamorous Wedding Day

You've heard the saying "less is more" and all the reasons for a simple elegant wedding. You have attended friends' weddings that have been charming and elegant and you have enjoyed them all. But, you have a vision and its glamour - you definitely know what you want for your wedding day.
After all, you are a glamour-puss (everyone always says so), this is your special day and you are going all out, big fluffy dress, five bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys and whatever it takes to make a big glamorous splash. You are going to be fabulous.
First things first...
You are going to concentrate your efforts on the venue - decide on the date, get it booked and you can think about the fun stuff after that.
To plan this truly glamorous event and pull it off successfully will require some serious preparation. You have decided to employ the services of a wedding planner to assist you with the donkey work but you have the ideas and you know how to make it work.
The Venue
It goes without saying the venue must be decked out 'to the nines' - after all, it;s glamour and drama you want so a venue that is ostentatious and over the top is top of the list. The more it's got going the better it will fit in with everything else you have planned.
You have spent hours watching with excited delight the 24/7 wedding and lifestyle channel and now have wonderful ideas swiped from the weddings of the rich and famous, exotic venues, décor, themes and honeymoon destinations and you are fully convinced that 'more is more' for your big day.
For the venue: think ballrooms, luxurious hotels, mansions, chateaus, art galleries, historic hotels, go to your favourite over the top designer like La Croix, Vivienne Westwood, Versace, etc and get ideas and inspired from their designs, colour and décor.
Create a themed room if you have to and hire everything you need from the chaise lounges and big plush comfortable chairs, crystal chandeliers, velvet curtains (red of course), baby grand piano, exquisite artwork, romantic soft lighting, water fountains, masses and masses of big expensive flowers, antique mirrors - anything that is ornate and sumptuous - but be careful not to do garish...
And pay careful attention to the not so glam but very important aspects like, glasses, crockery, napkins, cutlery, flowers for the tables, etc.
If there is a small separate room in the venue with a fireplace, it's perfect for your guests to gather for your special wedding cocktail before the wedding. Have hundreds of red T-light candles to create a mood of romance and warmth or an abundance of beautiful lamps.
The Music
Both you and your husband-to-be love music -your favourite genre being soul with Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Whitney Houston your favourites. You remember being proposed to with one of your adored songs playing, Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' and you definitely want this to be part of your wedding day play-list.
So if we're talking glamour here - you will definitely want a live band - a group that is very polished and snazzy - first impressions are very important here and you want to wow your guests the minute they arrive.
When you find the perfect group start to think of ways you can use this wonderful collection of musicians to pleasure your guests. If this includes a soloist - what a fabulous opportunity to feature your favourite song as you both come together for your marriage ceremony vows - just so romantic!
You can really create a big impression and set the scene for a fabulous day with some small touches. Have the band placed in the entrance way to the venue playing some groovy music to greet your guests as they arrive for your big day.
If your venue has a staircase, have musicians playing on it - get everyone in the mood for the fun and excitement they are about to have the moment they arrive.
Give them a taste of the fabulous day they are about to indulge in and remember for a very long time as the most glamorous wedding they ever attended.
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